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JediCon WV 2004: Setup

The night before...

JediCon WV 2004: Setup Photo Gallery
 Brad Myers readies Outlander's Haven, Northern West Virginia's Fan Force chapter, table for the show.
 Christian Benefiel raided his childhood collection to bring to The JediCon Strikes Back. Here he sets up his table the night before.
 David Chesler of the DC Metro Area Star Wars Collectors Club marks a couple figures prior to the start of the show.
 Show co-organizer Barry Harter and son, Dylan, take some time to catch their breath the night before.
Mike McMillan, co-organizer, arranges his table the night before the show.
Even Anakin didn't have as much trouble as we did getting his podracer ready the night before. Dave Powers climbs the ladder while the rest of the gang try to figure out a way to balance cardboard engines.
Barry, co-organizer, and Kay, the real boss, Harter set up the Jedi Training Arena the night before the show.
Welcoming home troops and fans.

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