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JediCon WV 2006: The Show

JediCon WV 2006: The Show Photo Gallery
Members of Garrison Carida of the 501st were big hits at JediCon WV IV.
Christian Benefiel and
David Chesler of the DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club ( records some of the day's activities while Mike McMillan looks on.
Guests were treated to dueling during the day.  No guests were hurt during the demonstration of lightsaber prowse.
David Chesler of the DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club (, Darth (Mike Daugherty) Vader and Mike's mom stop for a photo, but I think Darth blinked.
Due to potentional lawsuits, I will refrain from any joke about mini-me.
Jon Seay, animator on the original Star Wars:  A New Hope, takes time to cross blades with David Chesler of the DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club.
Here's Karen Brusina of Outlanders' Haven, the Clarksburg, W.Va., Fan Force Chapter, with a basket of goodies and some man in armor behind her.
Kristian White talks with Mike Daugherty in between customizing figures.
Chicks dig guys with capes.
Shortly after the doors opened for JediCon WV IV.
Photo op with members of Garrison Carida.
Kristian White and Sam Seay share a joke.
Steven Weimer's display of all things Star Wars which he was gracious enough to share at the show.
Vader's on his own as the duel ensues.
Doing a little shopping.
Picking up something from Gail Butler's table.
Shopping for just the right item.
What to buy--decisions, decisions.
Steven Weimer takes time to spend some quality time with daughter Leah at the show.
Just a sampling of some of the wares available at JediCon WV IV.
Brandon Boetticher poses with his grand prize for JediCon WV's annual trivia game, a one-sheet from LucasFilms for Revenge of the Sith.
Though not an astromech or protocal droid TV-32 did prove invaluable as it provided entertainment with video games throughout the day.
A couple youngsters do a little gaming during the show.
Raistlin Bogumil dons Jango Fett's helmet during JediCon WV IV:  A New Location.  Well, Jango didn't have any use for it after Episode II anyway.
Rachel, Joe and Matt Moore talk with Brandon Boetticher and Karen Brusina of Outlanders' Haven, the Clarksburg Fan Force Chapter.
Katie Moore and Tony Piccolo of Garrison Carida show their wares.
Who says nepotism never gets you anywhere?  Dylan Harter and Angelina Straight find themselves on the wrong end of Garrison Carida's guns while Darth Vader uses the Force to hold them in place.

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